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Kurdish Human Rights Project: This is the legacy website of the Kurdish Human Rights Project, containing reports and news pertaining to human rights issues in the Kurdish Regions for 20 years.

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Charity Awards

Charity Awards

Gruber Prize


Gruber Justice Prize

The European Commission of Human Rights has agreed to investigae seven further cases relating to 17 applicants who are alleging human rights violations agianst the State of Turkey. This brings to 29 the total number of cases now under investigation on behalf of 50 individual applicants.

The seven cases involve allegations of: the destruction of villages, extra judicial killings, arbitrary killings, disappearances and freedom of expression.

Akdeniz & Other v. Turkey (Application No. 23954/94)

October 1993 - military operation, Mus-Bingol, Diyarbakir Province - 10- 15,000 soldiers and village guards - military planes - bombing - destruction of village of Alaca - arrests over period of time of male villagers, (50 approx) - held detention site - most released after 10days - eleven persons 'missing' - seen with hands tied behind back by rope in detention centre - taken by military helicopter to an unknown destination on or about 19.10.93 - have not been seen since.

Isiyok v.Turkey (Application N0. 22309.93)

January 1993 - military operation, hamlet of Cekirdek, Diyarbakir Province - 3 military helicopters and jets - bombing - 7 houses destroyed - death of parents and three siblings of third applicant, plus his home destroyed - injuries to first applicant, plus house destroyed and animals killed - destruction of family home and livestock of second applicant.

Yasar v.Turkey (Application No. 22281/93)

December 1992 - village raid over several days, Tepecik, Diyarbakir Province - granade attack - wife and child of applicant killed - other villages also killed and wounded in a series of attacks - roundup of villagers - forced tolie on ground - beaten, arrests made - houses detroyed - livestock killed.

Ovat v. Turkey ( Applicaiton No. 23180/94)

June 1993 - village raid, Pecar, Diyarbakir Province - 500-600 soldiers -200 household village - indiscriminate firing - burning of houses - slaughter of livestock.

K.S.v. Turkey (Application No. 23184/94)

June 1993 - village raid, Islam, Diyarbakir Province - 400 soldiers - 100 household village - house and possessions of applicant set on fire - later returned and burned the village mill.

Gul v. Turkey (Application No. 22495/93)

March 1993 - house searches, Bozova, Sanliuffa Province - search of house at I am - electricity turned off by security forces - extra-judicial killing -killing of son of applicant -shots through apartment door - 61 bullet wounds -died on way to hospital

Yasa v. Turkey (Application No. 22495/93)

June 1993 - Diyarbakir - freedom of expression - kiosk selling papers including Ozgur Gundem and Halk - threat to applicant - kiosk was burned - uncle of applicant manning the kiosk - shot by unknown assailants - applicant arrested and threatened the same day - allegation that he was the intended target.

The Commission's decision to investigate the cases represents a significant step towards the promotion of accounability, democracy and the rule of law in Turkey.

In the cases of Akdivar (Application No. 21893/93), Cagirge (Application No 21985/93) and Aksoy (Application NO. 21897/93) the European Commission has taken these cases one step further in carrying our oral hearings in Ankara between the 12-14 April 1995. (See Press Release of 22/3/95 for information on the earlier Hearings in Diyarbakir and Cizre). The Delegates will report to the Commission in the session , 15-26 May 1995 where the future procedures will be set for these cases.