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Kurdish Human Rights Project: This is the legacy website of the Kurdish Human Rights Project, containing reports and news pertaining to human rights issues in the Kurdish Regions for 20 years.

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Charity Awards

Charity Awards

Gruber Prize


Gruber Justice Prize


The European Commission has agreed to investigate eight more cases alleging human rights violations against Turkey.

In 1994 the total number of cases declared Admissible against the State of Turkey totalled 19 cases - KHRP cases accounting for 9 of these cases. In the first six months of 1995 the total number of KHRP- assisted cases declared Admissilbe totals 27 cases. The Commission's decision to investigate the cases represents a significant step towards the promotion of accountability on the part of theState of Turkey.

The allegations concern issues of extra-judicial and arbitrary killings, a 'disappreance' in custody, torture and the destruction of villages.

AYTEKIN v. Turkey (Application No. 22880/93)

April 1993 - construction workers on way to work - checkpoint - soldier fired shot - killed driver of the car, the brother of the applicant - killed by bullet in the head -

AYDER and others v. Turkey (Application No. 23656/94)

October 1993 - Lice village - village raid - weapons used - helicoptrs, rockets, mortars, kalashnikovs etc. - accounts of thedestruction state, 214 shops damaged, 18 official buildings damaged, including two schools completely destroyed, 400 houses damaged (297 completely), reports on numbers of deaths and injuries - official reports of 13 deaths plus many burn injuries.

BILGIN v. Turkey (Application No. 23819/94)

September 1993 - Yukarigoren hamlet, province of Diyarbakir - village raid - villagers forced to take out possessions and provisions into the village square - possessions burned - houses then systematically destroyed - villagers, including woman and children abused - assaulted - threatened, beaten with rifle butts, forced to repeat chant of thesoldiers - further raid in November - provisions destroyed - applicant's brother and cousin taken into custody.

CAKICI v.Turkey (Application No. 23657/94)

November 1993 - disappearnce in custody - Ciftlibahce village, Province of Diyarbakir - village raid - 400 members of security forces - houses burned - Ahmet Cakici, brother of applicant and three others taken into custody - Ahmet Cakici was seen in custody and said he had been tortured several times - request for information by family of Ahmet Cakici - told Ahmet not on list of persons in custody.

ILHAN v. Turkey (Application No. 22277/93)

December 1992 - torture, inhuman and degrading treatment, Aytepe village, Province of Mardin - series of villages raids in area in preceding months - village raid at 7.30hrs. - applicant's brother and another person beaten with rifles - applicant's brother lost consciousness - dragged through the snow - plunged into water t restore consciousness - other witness forced to carry applicant's brother - brought to station - detained for two days - tortured - 18 days in hospital

ONEN v. Turkey (Application No. 22876/93)

March 1993 - arbitrary, extra-judicial and summary killings - karatas village, Province of Mardin - family of applicant sitting at home - knock on door - applicant's brother, father and mother killed by assailants identified by the applicant's father - applicant inhured - emergency assistance by local police and ambulance sevice refused for the dying mother of the applicant.

SAHIN v. Turkey (Application No. 23181/94)

June 1993 - Pecar village, Province of Duyarbakir - inhuman and degrading treatment - destruction of property - applicant and others loading wood - village raid -indiscriminate firing - destruction of houses - applicant and others assaulted - beaten with rifle butts - lorry set on fire

YILMAZ v. Turkey (Application No. 23179/94)

December 1992 - Mastak village, Province of Diyarbakir - warning to leave village - two days later aerial bombimb of the village - applicant and family fled to village of Pecar - one month later - village raid - applicant's two sons arrested, tortured and detained for five days - five months later - further raid on village - destruction of houses including the house of applicant - villagers, including spouse of applicant, forced to lie down on the ground and were beaten by the soldiers.

The individual applicants were helped to take their grievances to Strasbourg by the Human Right Association of Turkey and the Kurdish Human Rights Project in London.