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Kurdish Human Rights Project: This is the legacy website of the Kurdish Human Rights Project, containing reports and news pertaining to human rights issues in the Kurdish Regions for 20 years.

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Charity Awards

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Human Rights Defenders in Turkey
Details for Human Rights Defenders in Turkey
NameHuman Rights Defenders in Turkey
DescriptionTurkey has a vibrant and dynamic human rights movement which has defied the odds to form an effective force for bringing the Turkish government to account for breaches of human rights. It is of crucial importance to Turkey's democratisation effort that Turkey acknowledges the validity of Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) activities and respects their rights. HRDs not only play a valuable role to the process of democratic renewal, but provide a gauge of a government's true commitment to genuine democratisation.

Because of their tendency to expose and criticise state actions violating human rights and to seek to impose government accountability, HRDs frequently themselves become primary targets of repressive state practices in breach of human rights. HRDs' messages are silenced; they are denied access to victims of human rights abuses, and frequently face arbitrary detention, torture, ill-treatment and even ‘disappearance'.

KHRP has been instrumental in documenting abuses committed against HRDs, through pressing for improvements in their treatment and using international mechanisms to achieve justice for HRDs whose rights have been violated. This report is the result of research carried out by KHRP in London and representatives in Turkey. The aim of this report is to contribute to analysis and debate on the reform process as part of the EU accession by examining how far is progressing in the direction of European standards in its treatment of HRDs.

Publication available for 10 GBP from or +44 (0) 207 405 3835 – ISBN 19001750991, or by downloading below.
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